A steep and bumpy shot above Strawberry Hill.


Analysing terrain data

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As you're approaching the Base Area coming down the bottom section of White Feather, also called Skyway, you’ll see Raspberry Hill.

The start is a steep drop-off, followed by bumps until it hits a snowcat road halfway down.

The bottom half is much easier and runs into Strawberry Hill and Lift 3.

Raspberry can be tempting when the snow is good, but it’s notorious for hiding ice patches near the top.

Many skiers on their last run of the day have ended their vacation here.

It looks so fun, but it’s what you can’t see that you should worry about.

That said, on skier’s far left, along the rope, there is usually a good, tight line.

There is a way around the top section that starts further down White Feather.

Raspberry’s lower half is rarely a problem.