A very long and isolated tree skiing adventure.


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The same short hike from the top of Lift 1 that takes you to North American, also takes you to Ernie’s, which is a much better choice than North American.

Ernie’s, like North American, is as isolated as it gets on the mountain.

Ernie’s is about 1,200 vertical of beautiful glade.

It’s hard to break Ernie’s down into sections, as every line is different.

When locals are hitting Al's for a first run on a powder day, go to Ernie's instead.

Ernie’s ends up on the return trail just below the Longhorn exit and above the exit of North American.

Ski with a partner.

Of course, this run was cut and named after Taos Ski Valley founder Ernie Blake, more than twenty years after he passed away in 1989.