The biggest, easiest run on Kachina Peak.


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Kachina Peak first-timers usually start on Main Street; the big, wide section near the lift.

Main Street is considerably harder than it used to be now that it’s covered in moguls, although Taos Ski Valley does have plans to groom parts of it on a regular basis.

Which parts and what their definition of 'regularly' is, still remains to be seen.

The wide top section begins to pinch halfway down and then turns to the left.

Other lines go to the right, but if you want Main Street all the way down, stay left.

After the turn, it starts to get steeper and trickier.

The easiest way from here is down the middle, though there are some interesting lines to either side.

The final part is a huge, flatter area with refrigerator-sized boulders underneath that make for an intriguing and varied texture.