A bump section adjacent Centennial's groomed run. (High traffic!)


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After descending the easy top section, riders may decide to drop into the Spruce Saddle Lodge confluence via Sheephorn or Centennial trails.

These are high traffic areas that funnel riders from all 4 top lift areas.

So expect the run to be packed, slick, bumped, and crowded.

From upper sheephorn, expect a steep drop into a mogul field.

To escape this option, traverse far left to Centennial for a packed black groomer (usually icy) or head down the easy route Cinch.

On less crowded days, the Sheephorn bumps can offer a nice training mogul run for intermediate skiers.

If you get tired halfway, consider exiting via Sheephorn escape to the right.

Or if you get tired of hard bumps, veer right into the Sheephorn glades and pounce some pow.