The ungroomed Golden Eagle that'll leave your knees a' knockin


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Whereas Golden Eagle drops fast, Peregrine has a more open entrance that leads into a long run of variable terrain.

Try falling right around the tree island and punch some snow tufts.

Stay middle for more consistent moguls.

And hug the snow shoulder on the left for some side-country fluff.

You can even cut into the trees between Golden Eagle and Peregrine to give you a Golden Grin ;) Peregrine will take you down a continuous mogul run with mixed sizes and varying gradient.

But it will make you feel like a falcon swooping underneath the chairlift as you descend towards greatness.

This could perhaps be the longest mogul run on Beaver Creek.

If you get tired halfway, veer left towards Golden Eagle where the run mellows out.

Towards the bottom, find some fun lippers & kickers to soar off.