Enjoyable open pitch, with mogul possibilities a-plenty!


Analysing terrain data

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From the top of the ridge at the end of the Theodulsee run, the slope splits in two.

Take the left hand turn which winds around underneath the off piste section above, and opens out onto a medium steep open face.

To the left and right of this run are mogul sections, which are great, watch for rocks if the snow cover is less than substantial.

The pitch itself is steeper on the left and about 2/3 of the way down has a short steeper section, followed by a compression, before the last flatter pitch.

Steer to the left to take you back to the Furgg bubble station and Furgg-Sandiger Boden chairlift, steer to the right, to take you back to the chairlift and the Furgg-Furi black run.