A hidden blue that is always groomed to perfection.


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You can access this piste from the top of the Cherferie drag lift or the top of Tougnete 2.

Follow the blue run Crêtes across the top of the mountain, the piste will bend slightly to the left taking you past the famous run Jérusalem.

At the top of Choucas you will be exposed to a different angle of the Olympic run and Méribel Valley; this run is a great one to do in the morning as the sun is on it between 9am-1pm and is always well-groomed.

The run is pretty straight all the way down and is great for practising big wide snaking turns.

This piste is fairly quiet due to its limited access but can get busy with ski schools.

At the bottom it merges with Escargot green run from the right, so be aware of beginners and children coming from the right and other skiers coming from the Roc de Fer run on the left.