A varied blue. The easiest route down to the centre of Méribel from this side of the valley.


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The run begins at the point where the end of the green pistes Forêt and Rhodos meet, directly in front of the Rond Point Après Ski bar.

The piste itself follows two separate routes that cross to provide access to different parts of Méribel Centre. At the beginning the piste splits in two around a small gathering of trees.

For approx.

150m, the left-hand side is steeper and forms moguls quite regularly; this is the best option for joining the Adret chairlift.

The right-hand route is not quite as steep but is often icy due to its frequent use.

Around the bottom of the Adret chairlift the two halves of the piste rejoin briefly before separating again.

One half remains high and continues on a more direct route to the Chaudanne (Bottom of Méribel Centre) across a much flatter section.

The second half in this instance drops a little lower first before rejoining later on.

This enables access to the heart of Méribel Centre and its shops, bars and restaurants, via a ski boot friendly escalator right next to the Office Du Tourism.

The two halves of Doron rejoin, again briefly, along a flatter track.

One route then traverses the mountain underneath Rhodos 1 before dropping off to the right into the far side of the Chaudanne.

The other drops right sooner and offers access to the other side of the Chaudanne nearest the town.

Doron can get extremely busy during peak periods, it is generally best to avoid coming back this low once you've got higher up the mountain at these times. The Chaudanne area where Doron ends is the main meeting point for ski schools.

Méribel's free bus service has a number of stops here, bus routes to Méribel village, Méribel Mottaret and around Méribel Centre all meet here.