A true green running all the way down to the centre of Courchevel 1850.


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The main green run in the centre of the 1850 ski area, this run is the reason why Courchevel is so popular for beginner skiers.

Like most Courchevel pistes the run is true to its colour.

Starting at the top of the Verdons lift the piste it is straight all the way down.

In the first section you will pass some entertaining features such at the Courchevel Family and Wood Parks.

Once you get past the parks you will see trees start to shape the line of the piste and you will travel past the famous Chalet de Pierres restaurant with it's own small ice skating rink and waiters wearing Berets.

At the bottom of the run trees start to thicken and there are some natural side hits on the left and right of the piste before bringing you out at the centre of Courchevel 1850 and the main lift stations.