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For those of you inclined toward ungroomed black runs with an abundance of line choices, Preachers Passion is a run of choice.

Because it cuts off from Castle with little fanfare (easy to miss), it sees very little traffic.

The cut out from Castle can be a bit tricky and narrow, but don't let that put you off.

It begins with a short steeper section, followed by a boulder field that will progressively fill in and mellow as the season goes on.

You can choose to continue down the route proper, with a short flat section at the end before it rejoins Castle (carry a little speed), and enjoy the mini hits on the side of the trail.

Alternatively, you can cut skiers left across onto Upper Dynamite, part way to take you under Tahoe King chairline, or skiers right to take you into the trees.

The trees between Preacher's Passion and Castle are good fun; make sure to scope landings as not every boulder has a great run out off the back of it.

As with any tree runs, you want to ride at least in buddies, with helmets and a plan.