This run is the jolly between the Cime Bianche and Valtournenche link and the Ventina track. Sunny from mid to late morning.


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The Gran Sometta 1 is a cruisy track that's perfect for hesitant or hungry people.

Starting from Cime Bianche and the link to Valtournenche, it allows you to choose from a number of different destinations and at least two restaurants for a tasty break.

The start is narrow but flat and requires a little speed to overtake the Ventina restaurant (on the uphill side) and leading towards Ventina run. Following the track, you should go towards the left, where the the Gran Sometta 1 will become more cruisy. The view here is really beautiful: you can see the Cervino as well as the end part of the Gobba di Rollin, the Plateau Rosa and the left side of Cervino and the Grand Murailles with its beautiful glaciers.