Yet another sunny track. Accessable from two express chairs from Cervinia town in the Cretaz area. An easy and fun ride for everyone.


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This on-piste track starts just below the Furggen ridge and it's one of the closest tracks to the Cervino mountain.

The Rocce Nere also allows you to reach many other tracks and areas. The line starts with a short and flat corridor towards the main resort, then you will find the only part which is a little more demanding for beginners, but if you stay on the right side it should be a little easier (anyway- nothing dramatic!).

Just after this short, steeper slope, stay to the left and bring up some speed to pass the short uphill.

Just before you follow the track that continues as a wide and easy slope, you will find the entrance of the Indian Snow Park. After the easy slope, there is another very short, steeper part that widens after a few metres into an enjoyable run between the two parks: on your left side is the baby park, and on your right the main Indian Park (there is another park entrance here). If you are getting hungry, don't forget to take a break at the restaurant you see at the end of the baby park: it's the Etoile, one of the most well-known restaurants in the whole resort, with its very good cuisine and huge solarium. Follow the track on the left and increase your speed to go to Plain Maison and reach whatever you want - from Swiss tracks to Cervinia town, or continue to the right on track number 4 to go back at the Pancheron express chair or down to the Cervina - Cretaz area.