A powder stash that catches wind-deposited snow for days after a storm.


Analysing terrain data

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The Peach Pit is found after Coffey Grounds along the Teo 2 rope line in Teocalli Bowl.

If you ski through Coffey Grounds or traverse right from Duey's past the two big rocks, you'll find yourself in the Peach Pit.

It's short and sweet, just like a peach.

The skier's right side closer to the rope line has some trees in it.

You have to push along the flats as the terrain mellows out through the trees to get to Jack In The Box Glades or stay right for the lower Teo 2 gate and Wolf's Lair.

You will have to hike up the Exit to Paradise to get out of Teocalli Bowl, it's a 10-15 minute hike, 20-25 from Teo 2.