Treat for beginners who like a true mountain scenery


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For skiers who have mastered a solid snowplough turning technique, this path is great, for its sensational view over the mountains of the Zillertal.

But what is more, it is an important connection, between the Finkenberg and Penken area as well.

To get here, you could follow a walking path leading from the Penkjoch, toward the Hasenmulden lifts.

Be careful when you cross the lift tracks.

The 53 continues as a slow path alongside the rough mountainridge of the Penken.

Other skiers from the top of of the Knorren lift join in from the left.

When the snow condition is good enough, a side branch of the 53 leads these skiers to the Hasenmulden lifts.

The very last bit, to the top of the Penken Express, is so flat, however, that you just have to test your shussing skills to get there.