The most overlooked trail in Black Iron Bowl


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Lakeview is a double black diamond run in Black Iron Bowl that can be accessed by hiking from the Prospect Express (lift 12), this hike should take about 20-25 minutes.

Lakeview is a great run because it does not see as much traffic as some of the other runs in Black Iron Bowl.

This run also consistently has some of the best snow in Black Iron Bowl.

Lakeview shares the same access point as Dihedral Chute, except to ski this run you will stick to the left.

This run is long and steep and feeds into Westlake, a double black diamond extreme run to skier's left.

Skiing Lakeview gives you the option to traverse into Dihedral Face or Westlake if you so choose.

This is a great run for expert skier's looking for awesome turns in some great snow.