A fantastic treeline bowl with an alpine feel that offers something for everyone


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Greely Bowl is one of the best places to find great, challenging but somehow manageable, skiing and riding.

Due to overhead hazard both inbounds and adjacent to the area boundary, Greely is often closed during times of high avalanche hazard.The bowl can be accessed by hiking the sub-peak and descending any of the Powder Assault Bowl runs to the Greely traverse, halfway down.

Alternatively, the least hiking and quickest access route is found by unloading the Stoke Chair and heading left, and hiking a slow, gentle traverse,The Lemming Line, and entering at Drop In, then traversing the entire Powder Assault Bowl to Greely notch - a long, tricky traverse with some step ups and big.

Once at the notch keep right along the ski area boundary line until you reach the larger, more obvious bowl.

The right side, an old moraine known as The Grinder, has an alpine feel and a deep bowl with a nice steady slope angle, although the moraine ridge-crest at the ski area boundary rope can be wind-affected at times.

The left offers rolling terrain with a border of trees that assist visibility on stormy and low-light days.

Farther left are some lines that are great to practice cliff jumping - with a spotter.

Upon exiting the bowl a short hike marks the end of the bowl and presents more options, all of which lead to the Ripper Chair.

For any strong intermediate to advanced skier, the long access is well worth this northernmost bowl of BC deliciousness.