Great groomed run of steeper rolls right off the top of the Stoke Chair


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Unload the Stoke Chair to the left and take the obvious rolling groomed run.

Critical Path crosses roads/green runs at the end of virtually every pitch, so speed control is important, as this is a popular run and gets lots of traffic on its daily-groomed pitches.

On powder days it can be great fun but bumpier later in the day.

The run gets you back to the base of the Stoke Chair.

The trees below the chair, or Critical Path Glades, is a very different and much harder run (see description).

To get to the lowest section of Critical Path next take The Last Spike from the Stoke base, then descend until The Last Spike traverses for a long distance to the right, and you will see the sign on your left.

This lowest section is often a tough slog of moguls and nowhere near as fun as the top, but can be seen from the safety of the green run before attempting.