A truly one of a kind tree run in Revelstoke, an amazing, long and totally unique double black diamond.


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Conifers of Gnarnia are a mix of all that Revelstoke steep skiing has to offer below treeline.

Start as for Kill the Banker, but veer right along the ski area boundary signs to the right above Tower #18 on the gondola.

The boundary signs can be hard to see, as there is no rope fence, only orange plastic discs mounted to trees, but the way the trees are noticeably thinner right along the boundary.

Once in the upper section, a short bit of easier moguls lead to a technical route-finding challenge through a section of bewildering cliffs and deep wells between some big boulders.

Follow the various lines involving lots of quick short turns, and you emerge just right of a more open boulder field.

From here you can see the gondola again to the left, but keep going straight into the trees below this open field.

This is where the more low angled tree skiing begins and never seems to end.

A truly amazing forest, with naturally spaced goodness, is your reward until coming to The Last Spike.

The mountain's conical shape here really widens this run considerably as you descend, giving infinite variations to the line lower down.

Temperature is critical for this run - too warm and it becomes a real slog, but in good conditions it is simply not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a strong skier or rider.