One of Squaw Valleys most famous runs


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Moseley's used to be called Jonny Moseley's Run and before that, the West Face.

Jonny Moseley grew up skiing at Squaw and won the Gold Medal for mogul skiing in the 1998 Olympics.

Moseley's is accessed by starting down the Nose off of the Top of KT-22 (turn right off the top of the chair, past the patrol shack) turn left at the low point on the ridge line.

Moseley's is known for moguls, big sustained, steep moguls.

It has a northern exposure and a great steep pitch, so it's fun on a powder day as well.

The trees to the left can be skied and if there are too many big moguls, traverse right to the West Face Alternates where the moguls might be smaller.

Be careful at the bottom where the run transitions onto the Home Run.