A popular, long run with the most consistent fall line at Crystal


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A popular, long run with various terrain challenges, Exterminator is a challenging run for experts.

Access this slope by hiking or sidestepping up the groomed path to Exterminator Point.

From top to bottom, this run offers nearly 2,000 vertical feet of consistent fall line.

This slope often receives wind loading, so watch the wind rolls that form at the top.

Exterminator is an avalanche prone area; ski with a partner.

Tree wells are also a common hazard during deep snow conditions.

The slope is fairly open at the top.

When the trees tighten partway down, the slope also steepens.

Watch for rocks below these trees.

Continue down this long straight run to Lower Exterminator for another 600 feet of vertical.

This lower section is often filled with moguls.