A steep open face lined with cliffs and trees for experts only


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A steep open face lined with cliffs and trees, Brand X can offer the best of times or the worst of times, all depending on the snowpack.

During the best of times, Brand X is truly superlative.

Following a great run down Morning Glory Bowl, Brand X is the next logical spot to hit.

Find an opening in the trees at the top of this steep face, where the trees quickly open to a broad face.

During sunny conditions, this east-facing slope can get warmed up quickly.

During low snow conditions, this slope can turn icy, balled up or just plain guanchy.

It's on a powder day or cold day in January that you want to hit this slope.

Once out in the open, you have a nice wide slope to explore.

On either side of this opening, trees get tighter.

Note that these treed areas are also full of cliffs.

For those wanting to avoid cliffs Brand X offers a straightforward option.

The slope steepens partway down.

It continues to get steeper and funnels through a narrow opening in the cliffs.

This is the crux of this double black diamond run.

Note that this section can and usually is rocky, icy and skidded out.

Below this clincher the slope opens up again to a mellower slope.

Enjoy these last, often better, turns before hitting Northway Run below.

Note that once through the gates to Northway, cliffs and other hazards are not marked.

This is avalanche prone terrain.

Carry the proper equipment and ski/ride with a partner.