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The Tee Pee Town LX Chair is North America's only heated Chair Lift.

It's a very fast lift that is a great way to warm up during a cold day, or to meet up Lookout Mountain and the Upper Village.

From the top of the Tee Pee Town LX, head straight below the chair and take a left onto Schoolmarm.

The boulders and features make this a natural mogul run.

Bash your knees all the way back to the chairlift on this thigh burner.

Tends to see heavy traffic as it is the easiest way down the Tee Pee Town chair.

Meet back up with the Tee Pee Town LX Chair Lift.

Tee Pee Town can be a very windy area, so dress appropriately! The snow can be wind blown, but can be great on fresh days.