Short Blue Mogul Run


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Little Bunkers is a drainage, usually filled with small moguls that exits it's brother run Bunkers.

Take Standish Express and unload.

Take in the incredible vista of the Canadian Rockies.

The weather at the top of Mt Standish can be very windy, so dress appropriately! Head toward the Blue run that is Bunkers and enjoy this mellow blue.

After Bunkers undulates, keep left towards the obvious slope.

This will usually have small moguls and is an excellent area to learn on.

If you keep left there is a small cliff that can be fun in the right conditions, but make sure the exit is clear.

The run is very short but is a fun shot that takes you right below Prune Pickers Pass, so keep you speed up! Ascend over the pass and meet up either with the Upper Village or the Standish Express.