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Paris Traverse is a long Cat Track that connects the Wawa Area with Mt Standish, but also traverses around the Paris Bowl and it's upper slopes.

Take the Wawa Quad and head left towards the flat cat track.

On your right you will see the Backcountry access gates.

Continue along the Paris Traverse.

You will climb above the Paris Bowl that has several tasty entrance options.

Continuing on you have the option to stay on the traverse or follow the boot pack to your right which will bring you to the upper Paris slopes.

This area is not noted on the local maps.

Walk above the ridge and choose your line and you will be rewarded with great pow, but watch for that cat track.

If you kept on the cat track, Paris Traverse you will eventually end up just below Prune Pickers Pass.

Not the best way to get to Mt Standish, but an option.

Better for the choices it provides then a traverse it self.