An open Black Run with small patches of moguls


Analysing terrain data

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Ascend the Wawa Quad.

This chair is auto loading.

Head towards the gate, when the green light is lit you will be on a running track, where the chair will pick you up.

This area is great for intermediates and tends to be sheltered from the wind.

Take a left to circle around to Birdcage.

The view of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) is amazing from here.

The is a fun Black Diamond roughly groomed ripper.

Expect small moguls and feel free to dip into Star Treks Trees to mix it up.

The run undulates but will end up on the right hand side above the village with a patch of moguls.

Descend and head right to the Upper Village or left to meet up with the Wawa Quad.

A short run, but a good one.