A winding Blue back to the Village


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Take the Strawberry Express and take in Lookout Mountain's (8954 ft) jagged peak to your left.

Once you get off the chairlift, Follow the blue cat track straight ahead and keep on it's left hand side.

It's very easy to funnel out into Boutry Bowl from here, continue past Boutry Bowl and this blue opens up for you following right.

Often there will be a beginners park on the right with a couple small jumps and some rails.

The run is short and sweet.

Keep your speed if you want to jet past to Trappers Lodge and the Upper village.

If not, the Strawberry Express Quad will be on your left hand side.

Most years Sunshine Village will run the Strawberry Rail Jam (usually late Nov) open to locals and a great opportunity to watch local athletes grind mellow rails.