2 Black Diamond Chutes


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These chutes are a good prep area if you are looking to get into the South Chutes on Goat's Eye.

Take the Standish Express to the top an unload.

The weather at the top of Mt Standish can be very windy, so dress appropriately! Take in the incredible vista before you.

Proceed either down Standish or Bunkers.

Ahead on the Left of Standish or if you travel right on Bunkers leaving the obvious piste you will find a Black Diamond and roped entrance.

Proceed with some speed as you dip in to the Virgin Chutes.

Both are equally steep and have large Moguls and Boulders to travel over.

This can be an exhilarating run! After the obvious out you will join up with Prune Pickers Pass that will lead you back to the Standish Express chairlift and the upper Village.