A large Mogul field


Analysing terrain data

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Take the Standish Express and unload.

Take in the full panorama, with Twin Carins (8354 ft) on the right, the impressive double backed Quatrz Ridge straight ahead and Lookout Mountian (8954 ft) on the right.The weather at the top of Mt Standish can be very windy, so dress appropriately! Proceed down Bunkers, the Blue Cat track on your left and follow it until you are given the obvious option to dip into the the Back Mogul field which is spread out to your right.

This is a short shot with some medium moguls.

It can be fun in the right conditions, but it's often patchy in shoulder season.

Keep your speed up Prune Pickers Pass or you will have to walk! This will take you back to the Standish Express and Upper Village.