A hike or snowcat ride brings you to one of the longest, steepest pitches at Copper.









The Taco is one of the longest, steepest pitches at Copper and can have a variety of snow conditions depending on recent snows and wind.

To get here, you must climb for approximately 25 minutes depending on your fitness; from the top of the Mountain Chief lift.

Or you can take the free cat, which is an amazing deal and hopefully still going when you read this.

Be sure to tip the driver.

This can be intimidating peering in from the top and you should proceed with caution since a fall here could result in a long trip to the bottom.

When its powder, the first ten people will be rewarded with great face shots! On a spring day it must soften up but since it faces north, most of the time the snow is good.

This looks crazy from afar and is different than most trails we’ve ever skied.

Bring your camera.