This is a two hour paddle designed to make the most of those long summer evenings and take in the best the Solent has to offer.


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This is a magical paddle which takes you out of the humdrum rush of normal life and along the West Wight coast for a couple of hours.

It is best undertaken on a calm summer evening when you can set out from Gurnard at around 19.30, arriving at Newtown Creek for a well earned rest an hour later and catching the tide back in time to witness the sun sinking over the New Forest. Timing your paddle for an hour before low water lets you catch the last of the ebb flow down the coast before standing out to sea and benefiting from the early flood back. The stop at Newtown Creek gives you a chance to sit on your board, perhaps picking up one of the many mooring buoys there, and take in one of the South Coasts' hidden treasures before heading back home.