A long and gentle piste, with a little bit of everything. Connects Gampen to the main resort.


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This area connects all of the four lifts on Gampen Mountain.

This description starts from the Gampen lift.

There's a choice between a steep or slightly cliffed drop-in for a higher speed and freestyle, or a simple right turn to follow a snakey start.

This opens out into a wider piste after around 400m.

Split left at the valley crest for Plattiwald 23.

Carry on right into a beautiful valley with a meandering and steady gradient and bowled right embankments.

This area is always busy in the morning and so you can expect a fast pace.

You need to retain speed for the last section as you must cross over the river and come back on yourself to meet Stei├čbachtal 4.

Continue and split to the left over the bridge.

This is also a very tight turn, you must be aware not to miss it.

The final section of the trail is around 7m wide and snakes around the valley edge like a river, with many tight turns and wooden fencing to the right.

The piste eventually brings you to Mattunbahn lift.