The well known 94-wide-giant-slalom-turns long run down from Ninety-Nine 90


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This is one of Park City's signature runs, which got its name as it is somehow known that a skier can start at the top of the run and make 94 wide giant slalom turns before the run joins up with Aspen Grove or Talus Garden.

This is a long advanced run that is accessed off Ninety-Nine 90, which is the highest point in Canyons at an elevation of 9,990 feet hence the name of the lift.

The run starts at the right off the lift, then winds under the lift and down a tree-lined lane, however the length and pitch of this run leads to the true difficulty of this run, and if one combines it to run all the way down to the bottom of Tombstone, this ends up being the longest uninterrupted run on the mountain.

This is challenging terrain and will test the stronger skiers and boarders in the resort, nonetheless a very enjoyable run which is often groomed, but can hold some moguls every now and then.