Slope on the west facing part of Evergreen









This area consists of two zones and is accessed via a small hike or traverse.

Start by heading toward the Solbright trail to the left at the top of the chair and staying on the rope line to the right.

When you get to the Solbright trail, rather than heading toward Brighton you will take either the traverse along the right of Corner chute, or if the gates are open head up the ridge for a short hike.

This does require a hike but can give you a couple extra turn at the top or if you have scoped the area some good chutes to descend back to lower Evergreen.

It is steep and has quite a few cliffs on the top part of the slope but it also has some good chutes, so pick your line wisely.

This area has a lot of trees and is not a place to go if you are not ready.

The recommended route would be off the traverse and down to the lake in order to avoid certain obstacles that do appear on the higher lines.