One of the nicest couloirs off of one of the biggest and most iconic Wasatch peaks.


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The NW Couloir off Twin Peaks is a real fun classic.

It didn't make it into the "Chuting Gallery" book which may have kept it a "secret" for a time, but by now the word it out.

It is a committing line to get to, and a tricky one to get back out of, but it's worth it! The fact that it's visible from the Salt Lake Valley adds to the allure.

Approach by starting at the Broads Fork Trailhead in Big Cottonwood Canyon, then head up the main drainage to the saddle to the S of Twin Peaks and then traverse the ridge to the summit. The run is a mellow line which probably averages near 40 degrees for a little over 1,000 feet until it spills out onto the apron.

Start on top of the E summit of Broad Fork Twin Peaks and head down to the NW.

The upper section is a minor gully that opens up into a nice wide slope where you want to trend gently to the right.

This will put you into the big main chute.

You can ski this all the way down, or cut to the left mid way and duck into a tighter rock lined variation.

Enjoy the apron as long as you'd like and then figure out how to get out.

The standard exit is to bushwhack out Deaf Smith Canyon but I wouldn't recommended it.

I would boot back up the NW Couloir and exit into Broads.