A steep rocky face on the north side of the King for experienced experts only.









FATMAP difficulty grade



A steep rocky face on the north side of the King, Light Brown works best on deep snow years.

It might only be skiable a handful of times a season.

This run starts steep and quickly steepens.

The upper section is striated with diagonal slanted cliff bands.

The far skiers left of Light Brown offers a narrow chute requiring a straightline at the upper section.

Bring your A Game to this line, as the narrow section doesn't relent.

Once through the funnel, the slope barely widens enough for a few quick turns before encountering another diagonally slanted cliff band.

Further to the skier's right at the upper section, plan to navigate over, around and through a series of two or three cliff bands, depending on coverage.

This middle section is quite rocky, and often appears mottled with rocks, hence the name "Light Brown." For experts, this run offers great snow above and below as it gets far less traffic than it's neighbors.

Watch for the cornice that builds at the top.

This cornice occurs at a flat spot on the ridge, which known as Second Step.

Once you enter the upper portion of this slope, you cannot see the bottom.

Scope out the line on the hike up the King.

Without enough snow, you won't be able to clear the rock bands.

Once through the crux, the slope opens nicely to the wide apron that wraps throughout Avalanche Basin.