A broad face that ends in four short chutes between Boxcar Cornice and Powder 8s









FATMAP difficulty grade



SE Right Lower Field refers to the lower part of the SE Right side of Silver King (aka "The King").

This is a popular section of Silver Basin.

It is easy to find by entering the first Southback gate and following the traverse (see Threeway Exit Chute description) until you reach The Beach (see Boxcar description).

The SE Right Lower Field terrain lies to the northwest or skier's left of The Beach.

It may be easier to cut into Silver Basin a few hundred feet shy of The Beach to reach the upper portion of Lower SE Right.

Starting in a broad, treeless face SE Right funnels into four distinct but short chutes, in an area known simply as "Cedar Bench".

From skiers right to left, these chutes are referred to as K-Dog, Cedar Bench Right, Cedar Bench, and Cedar Bench Left.

The easiest and most visible chute is Cedar Bench.

The best line in SE Right Lower Field begins on this left side of the face with a direct fall line to this widest chute.

When this line tracks up, which it invariably will on a powder day, work right to the other chutes, which grow in difficulty as you head to towards Boxcar.