A short, steep open face that ends in well-spaced trees.


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The Nose is a short, steep open face that ends in well-spaced trees.

The Nose is at the end of the ridge separating Bruce's Bowl from Paradise.

Guarded by trees on either side, The Nose is not easy to find.

Follow the ridge until the trees thicken up.

You can either go left or right around these tight trees.

The right line offers a nice, open shot that doesn't require jumping a cliff.

Watch for shark fin-like rocks that poke up here.

These get more prevalent as you move left.

If you choose to go left at the top, around the tight trees, you might have to jump a ten-foot cliff.

During deep snow conditions, these little drops can make for a fun, if short, pillow line.

If cliff-jumping isn't on your agenda, continue left towards Bruce's Trees, skirting around the drops and returning to the opening below.

Both left and right lines described above meet here and head into a well-maintained glade.

The huge trees here have been limbed to offer some great lines.

The angle mellows a bit here, making it possible for advanced intermediates who want to challenge themselves.

Note that once through the Northway gates, cliffs and other hazards are not marked.

This is avalanche prone terrain.

Ski/ride with a partner and carry the proper equipment.