New steep tree skiing









Heidi's Glades is located between Heidi's and Red Dog Ridge runs, off of Red Dog Ridge.

The best access is off of Olympic Lady when it runs or off of KT-22.

From KT -22, exit the chair, stay left on the ridge, ski past the top of Olympic Lady Chair, down the ridge, past Tamara's to a saddle area.

The area past the east of the saddle is known as Red Dog Ridge.

Look for a large rock on Red Dog ridge and stay east of the rock to drop into Heidi's Glades.

One can also hike over a knoll from near the top of Red Dog chair, look for the big rock and go past it to begin.

This area has big, well spaced trees with a steep northern exposure.

Lot's of fun on powder days.

The trail ends abruptly on Champs Elysees, so watch for skiers and a possible rapid transition onto the groomer below.