A wide, steep bump run


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The Face begins just below the top of the Gunbarrel lift and feeds into all of the mogul runs that run down to the California base.

To get here, simply get off the Tram or the Gunbarrel chair and face the lake...

everything immediately below you is The Face.

If it's a clear day, make sure to soak in the views and take a few pictures of the lake before hitting the bumps.

Be prepared for a workout...

once you make your first turn, you've got nearly 1600 vertical feet of bumps below you.

Stay skier's left to head into Pistol and the famous Gunbarrel, or ease to the right to make turns on Ski the Wild Side.

Take note: as the face and everything below it sit at lower elevations than the rest of the resort, snow here may be slushier (or icier) than areas.