Similar to Smokey, but care needs to be taken in line choice


Analysing terrain data

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Go straight ahead off Grand View or Tahoe King, and follow Wagon trail to get to Coyote.

Coyote is an ungroomed, variable condition blue that allows you to sample some entry level ungroomed blue terrain.

You can use Lobo to cut across onto Smokey.

Make sure to sample the trees all around here with appropriate safety considerations; know what you're doing, wear a helmet, travel with a buddy.

If you get lost, follow chair line.

Do be cautious of jumping off anything however as not everything is immediately droppable; scope your line before jumping off any boulders where you can't see the landing from takeoff.

All the trails on the backside see the sun, so can be crispy in the morning, prime at midday, and slushy by the afternoon (depending on conditions).