A very long, shallow catwalk that connects the top of the Sky Express lift to the Nevada side of the mountain


Analysing terrain data








While this catwalk's purpose is largely to enable moving from the California side to the Nevada side of the mountain (via the top of the Sky Express lift), it does give advanced skiers access to a few gnarly runs, including Ski Ways Glades, Pinnacles, and the Milky Way Bowl.

As the run is very flat and runs just below a ridge line, it can be frustrating for snowboarders, who often must remove their boards and walk large parts of the way...

even skiers can expect to use their poles a lot.

The perk of all this work is definitely the views...

on top of seeing the lake to the north (skier's left), you'll get to see virtually the entire resort from above! Keep in mind that if this is your last run of the day and you're trying to get back to the Gondola, you'll have to take the trail all the way and loop around below the top of the Big Dipper Express lift; this requires taking one of the trails down and riding up Dipper or Comet to catch a route back to the Gondola.