Big, long blue run with great views and lots of space


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One of the more popular (and busiest!) runs on the mountain, Big Dipper is the perfect run for intermediate skiers / boarders to practice big, carving turns from near the top of the mountain.

You've got a few options for getting onto the run; the easiest is from the top of the Dipper Express lift, but you can stay to skier's right coming off of the Tamarack Express and end up about a third of the way down Big Dipper.

If you start from the Dipper Express, make sure to enjoy the view before you descend - the top of the lift offers some of the most incredible views of Lake Tahoe.

The upper portion of the run is steeper and is slightly convexed, which may intimidate some beginner skiers, but plenty of good spots to rest lower down the run make it a good opportunity for anyone to push their boundaries without overdoing it.

Given the long length and wide open nature of the trail, a few laps on Big Dipper is a perfect way to warm up in the morning or make some relaxing turns in the afternoon.

Fun fact: about 1/4th of the way down the slope, you'll cross over from California to Nevada...

how often can you ski in two states on the same run?