A short, steep run that is rated green but skis more like a blue


Analysing terrain data

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Vista Dome is rated green, but it's steep at the top.

This run is groomed, and has a perfect fall line, so go for it.

It will be over soon after one short hill.

It ends in a large intersection - the spill-out from the Rail Yard and Superpipe, as well as a main vein of traffic traversing back to the base of Winter Park and Prospector/Eskimo Lifts.

The choices from here are Allan Phipps (a nice, cruising green run to the left), or straight ahead into a tunnel that takes you to the main trails of Winter Park Mountain: Village Way and Cranmer.

If you've never skied through a tunnel before, it's a cool experience, and makes for some weird ski pictures and selfies.