An expert bump run that forks off Super Gauge Trail near the bottom


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Riflesight Notch is a black bump run that is accessed by taking a right near the bottom of Super Gauge Trail under the Super Gauge six-pack lift or by taking the Pony Express Lift.

It comes out at the bottom just above the Galloping Goose Lift.

This run has great bumps, a cool name (tell your friends you dominated Riflesight Notch and observe their reactions), and it’s a “showboater,” because you’re under the lift most of the way.

Riflesight Notch is a mountain pass (that is now closed) that crosses the Continental Divide where the old railroad used to bring people and supplies to this isolated location, before the railroad tunnel was completed in the early 1920s.

This was a dangerous route that required railroad engines to have snowplows on the front.