A narrow traverse that brings you back to the base of Eagle Wind Lift


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Upper Egress is a fancy name for a blue-black narrow traverse that leads from a third of the way down the Eagle Wind Lift trails to the Winter Park base.

This trail also serves as a way out of the trails in the Cirque.

Nicknamed “The Goob Boardercross” because it’s nearly impossible to pass someone who skis and rides these kinds of trails in a lame fashion, this traverse can be a breeze when the snow is fresh and there’s nobody else on it, but it can be challenging (think more of a narrow bump run) when you’re trying to keep your speed up.

There is no grooming in Eagle Wind Lift Territory.

That’s Mother Nature’s job.

If you don’t get back on Eagle Wind Lift at the end of this trail, you will end up on Lower Egress – a blue/black trail that traverses around Vasquez Ridge and takes you to the base of Pioneer Lift (AKA The Middle of Nowhere in terms of an expert skier or rider) on the Parkside of the resort.

You’re better off taking Eagle Wind Lift back up to get out of that area unless your transportation is parked at the base of Winter Park.