A short, gladed, blue-black run to the very north of Parsenn Bowl


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Lupin is a blue/black run that's not that steep,and it's your last chance to drop into Parsenn Bowl via Village Way.

Take a right as you get off of Panoramic Lift, and follow the traverse on Village Way while keeping up your speed to get through a slightly uphill portion of the traverse, which can be clogged with snowboarders who lose their speed.

It’s the very last part of Parsenn Bowl to get tracked up on a pow day, but the reason is that you spend so much time traversing to get there and so short a time in the pow and trees, that it’s hardly worth it.

You can see your tracks (when it's not dumping snow) from the Pano Lift on your way back up for more freshies.

Beautiful views from the top! Lupin is a spikey, purple wildflower that is very abundant in the high-alpine environment, and one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the spring.