A steep extreme-double-black area with couloirs and cliff jumps


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The first chute is one of the steepest and gnarliest of Alphabet Chutes (AKA Alpha Chutes), with narrow couloirs to navigate and many possible airs off rocks and outcroppings.

This is a brief but exhilarating ride down! To hike over to the Alphabet Chutes from South Headwall takes another 10-20 minutes depending on snow conditions and how far you want to traverse over.

The Heart of Darkness is a rocky, steep outcropping that offers excellent air that is between the A and B chutes with cliff drops up to 35 feet depending on snow conditions.

Snow at the top of the Cirque can be windblown and crusty, with creamier snow below in the trees.

This area is not open very often, but best bets are for later in the season (February/March).