A fun easy, groomed, green run accessed by the Endeavor Lift


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Moose Wallow is an easy, groomed green run that runs from the top to the bottom of Endeavor Lift, hugging the woods that divide the Endeavor Lift with the Discovery Lift areas.

This is a great area for beginner skiers, but not so much for beginner snowboarders because of its flatness, slightly uphill areas, and weird slants.

Bobcat and Moose Wallow are separated by a lot of trees and a slight hill.

Moose Wallow is flat and generally requires poling and/or walking.

It is more like a narrow single track that meanders through the woods and goes past "Willies Cabin" - a cabin that Willy the Moose, the kids ski school mascot, hangs out.

This trail dumps into Bobcat about half way down.