Long and bumpy.


Analysing terrain data

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Moritz starts out with an average pitch of bump skiing as you enter the run through a grouping of trees.

As you emerge from the trees after a hand full of turns the run widens, but as you continue turning down this 1,200 vertical foot run, you begin to encounter trees on the skier's left, and the run narrows.

Continue skier's left, as a large group of trees forces you in that direction, and set your sights on a grouping of aspen trees well down the hill to the skier's right.

As you get closer to this group of aspen trees you'll cross a cat track, continue fall line keeping the aspens on your left.

Navigate several groupings of trees, staying in the chute, working the bumps in this steep section.

Continue down to the cat track that leads you to the bottom of Deep Temerity lift.

A classic on a powder day, and still as classic on a non-powder day.

Enjoy the bumps!