The longest run on the mountain.









To access this run, after taking the Elk Camp lift, start traversing to the skier's right.

Make sure to stay as high as possible.

When you traverse as far as you can to the right, take off your skis and hike up for about five minutes to the entrance of Long Shot.

This run is usually left un-groomed.

It's the longest run on the mountain and because of this it can be very challenging.

Its steepness is the same of a typical blue, but because of it's length it can feel much more difficult by the time you get to the end of it.

Don't be fooled by the blue square label.

If the run isn't groomed then this run will be very challenging for an intermediate skier.

When it's un-groomed it's more like an advanced skier's run.

On a powder day this can be an amazing run, as not many people will want to make the hike up to it.

Also, for an added challenge, duck into the trees on both sides to look for some powder stashes.